About us

Textile supplies, industrial rubber, coverings of industrial cylinders with natural, synthetic, silicones and polyuretyhanes rubbers. 

Manresa company founded in  1953 as TEXSU S.L. that manufactures and markets cots, aprons and other textile accessories. 

The company, based in Polígon Industrial Bufalvent in Manresa, diversifies all its production in coated rolls for all the general industry.

In april 2018 TEXSU S.L name was changed to  ROLLERS & VULCANIZED TEXSU S.L.

65 years of experience guarantee our products grade.  

Our facilities in Manresa (Barcelona)

Our facilities are suitable to manufacture any kind of coating.

We have a wide warehouse to dispose of a permanent stock, and thereby can supply our customer's needs, as quickly as possible:

  • Cylinders to prepare and mix up all kind of rubbers according to its necessities.
  • Calender (if there is a need) of a posterior sheet and an extruder for any kind of tubes manufacture, with different grades, sizes, etc.  
  • Rectifier lathes of four meters in lenght, undertaking a widest manufacture, to the service of our customers. These machines are also prepared for an optimal rectified of strips.
  • Universal rectifiers, without centres for very fine finishing, or with strict controls of roughness. 
  • Assembly departments, preparation and delicate finishing for other kind of manufactures for sectors such as textile, etc. 

Download our quality certificate

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